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Django - is a powerful web framework, it is free, simple and very fast!
The program is written in Python language - one of these programming languages which even Google uses!
Django uses the model MVC - a way of breaking an application into three parts: the model, the view, and the controller. One of these principal merits of such division is the possibility to build a model irrespective of the visual view. will help you to find all about django as much fast and reliable as possible.

 Source code

Version 1.5.4  15.Sep, 2013 - latest official version
Version 1.6  - latest development release:
Instruction  - How can you install django

 Example sites based on Django

WIPmania  free IP geolocation database and API.  Django official site  Lawrence Journal-World  An internationally renowned local-entertainment site with events, stories, bands, drink specials and more  useful "snippets" of reusable code  showcase of websites powered by Django  Django People lists Django developers from around the world  The Washington Post's growing selection of innovative Web database applications.
Djangogigs  Django Developers - Your place to find django jobs and projects
Alrond's  technoblog

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Для оценки посещаемости сайтов, анализа поведения пользователей в последнее время принято использовать сторонние сервисы, такие как Яндекс.Метрика, Google Analytics и пр... ...
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В заметке речь пойдёт о новом приложении для Django — django-sitetree. Приложение позволяет задавать структуру сайта в виде древа и предлагает три вида навигации по этому древу: Меню; Навигационная цепочка (хлебные крошки); Древо сайта (часто называемое «карта сайта»). ...
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Hola a todos son las 11.21 pm del 14 de febrero pero no me agunto las ganas de comunicarles a todos esta alternativa para el desarrollo en django . los seguidores de django sabran apreciar esto por favor eviten llorar. genera proyecto,genera modelos forms y algo de codigo base adicional. ...
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При чтении о Twisted, Tornado, Node.js, у многих python-программистов возникает вопрос — «а вот если взять, и переписать Django в неблокирующем стиле?». Обычный ответ на этот вопрос — нет, не дождетесь. И правда, чтобы переписать целый фреймворк в макаронно-колбечном стиле, надо очень много сил, и большой заряд энтузиазма. Писать с колбеками, очень сомнительное удовольствие. ...
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Django é um framework para desenvolvimento rápido para web feito em Python. Ele foca em automatizar o máximo possível aderindo aos princípios do DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) e estimula a criação de código com um belo e limpo design. Trabalhamos com ele na Intelie e temos entregado previews de aplicações antes do esperado. Tem sido uma ferramenta espetacular! ...
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Today I’m going to talk (rant) about runserver, a great inclusion of the Django software package. It’s designed to help you easily run a Django project in a local (development) environment. Well, like many people, I have Rails in my background, and I miss certain things from it. One of those things, is the shiny SQL output in your terminal while running Mongrel. ...
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I first knew I wanted to learn Django when I saw the DjangoCon 2008 keynote talk by Cal Henderson, subtly titled “Why I hate Django”. I highly recommend watching at least part of the talk. I’ve been hacking on Python for a while now but until I joined Fluther back in September I had never done Python at work. My previous job at Yahoo! had me building front-to-back Java applications (which isn’t the standard there in case there’s some confusion). ...
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По наводке Романа Ворушина почитал пост Дика Липтона о том, что в проекировании систем должны закладываться безопасные умолчания. И мне вспомнилась похожая штука из истории Джанго. Когда-то давно у модели пользователя был метод is_anonymous(), который предполагалось проверять в шаблонах для определения, что показывать незалогиненному пользователю:.. ...
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en olwidget 
olwidget is a javascript library that makes it easy to add editable maps to forms. It operates by replacing a textarea with an editable map, and writes WKT data back to the textarea for processing. django-olwidget is an included Django application that uses olwidget.js to smoothly integrate editable maps into Django forms and to improve the functionality of forms in admin. ...
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en django-css 
django-css provides an easy way to use CSS compilers with Django projects, and an automated system for compressing CSS and JavaScript files ...
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en hyde 
Hyde is a static website generator powered by Python & Django. Hyde supports all the Django template tags & filters and even has a few of its own. The built-in web server + auto-generator provide instant refresh and unlimited flexibility ...
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en django-jython 
Database backends and management commands, for development under Django/Jython ...
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en django-xappy 
Bridges the Xappy/Xapian search engine library with the Django web framework. ...
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